To August – The Lessons I learned the hard way

It is the month of August. I love the month of August.

Last year, in this month I wrote about my country’s independence. I also got my visa to travel to another country for higher education. I learned a lot of valuable lessons in a short time. Today I am here and writing again. Thinking about the past and how it shaped me… Can’t put it into words. I had so much, I did so much, I left so much and I gained so much. A year full of things that affect you deep.

I would never have thought I would be here of all places after an entire journey. But here I am.

But it’s not over. So why am I speaking in such terms? It’s because now I understand a lot more.

The following are lessons that I learned. Some of the experiences were old but they were reinforced deeper and in a way which has made me believe them to be the DNA of my thought process. I am after all a “thinker”.

Feel free to lend me your input too. I would love to learn from you all too. 


Do share your thoughts please

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