Lesson 4 – Love

Don’t forget that love is your strength.

Your biggest strength.


It comes in handy when you know that life is uncertain. You stay calm through the tough days because you feel loved. Your family’s love is the best catalyst. A catalyst that keeps you functioning each day.

It’s going to keep your thinking straight when you see the world around you pulling you in it’s own direction. The world is immense and it needs to be explored but the love of your family will keep you away from the bad pulls of the universe. 


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  1. dearlilyjune says:

    I can’t tell you how enjoyable and thought-provoking it’s been to read back through these lessons. They’re so short and simple, and yet, so profound and poignant. Still waters run deep.

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    1. Shayan says:

      I am extremely glad you found them enjoyable.

      All lessons here and even yours come from experience. All experience comes from making decisions. While making my decisions, I have made some pretty bad choices myself. These lessons are just a whisper into the ear of another person who would listen. Whispers are low and the words are few. The people need to make decisions based on the lessons learned in this world.

      I do not consider myself a wise person because all wise men (and women) are fools. They make too many mistakes. I have just made a few till now 🙂

      PS. I am on my way though. Hopefully! 😀

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      1. dearlilyjune says:

        I always liked the lyric from Harvey Danger, “[I have] just enough knowledge to know I don’t know anything.”

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        1. Shayan says:

          It explains me perfectly. 😀

          There is a joy to find that there is so much to find. That joy makes me feel foolish.

          That’s an amazing lyric. It made me chuckle because I was reading it aloud and stopped midway to control myself from laughing out loud. 😀 Thank you very much!

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