Lesson 7 – Inner Fire

Have a spine.​

Have a posture of a gentleman and a warrior, whichever is required. Figure a situation and be what that situation requires.

Sometimes you listen patiently and you act civil and sometimes you hold your opinion and hold your ground and don’t budge and let them know through the fire inside your eyes that your warrior is powerful. That your warrior has a fire licking his insides and can be commanded at will to burn his opponent to ashes. Let people know that they are not talking to a piece of furniture. Let them know just enough that you have a limit and enormous patience and a fire that lights your insides.

Insides that they will never see how you shaped. Insides that they will never fathom. For them, the flames should be enough to keep their distance.


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    1. Shayan says:

      Thank you! 🙂

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