Lesson 8 & 9 – Spirit and Strength


Your spirit.

That laugh you hear inside yourself when you see something new and beautiful or get a surprise or pass with a really good grade. That feeling of invincibility. That feeling that nothing can hurt you or damage you.

The feeling that you are strong within the confines of taut tissue and brittle bones. The same feeling that someone can take away your flesh and bones and blood but not what animates it all. The shapeless weight that resides in all of us. The energy with which we take on something new or do something old with precision. The thing inside us that when our flesh is bruised and our bones are fractured and our blood is draining, calls within the chasms of our body to get back up and do it again.

That unshakeable thing that we all call spirit. Don’t let anyone break it. Because it may break. You can heal it again. But it’s healing is slow. No wonder it is sheltered deep within your own self, protected by your entire being.

Feed your spirit good things like the remembrance of Allah and the love He has given to you through many forms and ways. Make your spirit unbreakable. Trust then in it’s strength.


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