Lesson 12 & 13 – Live & Forgive

A big part of your time will be eaten away because you don’t forgive people.

Truth is, people are going to hurt you. They will try to break you. Some will be successful too. Don’t worry though. Just keep your distance and live your life by making decisions that reflect yourself. This is your life. All of it, concised into a few years.

What will make you great is your perseverance. But even the strongest feel weak inside at times. Live your life the right way. Don’t do evil or bad to people just because they did it to you. That is not your definition. If you do that, someday you will end up doing something bad to someone who didn’t meant any harm because your nature somehow changed. Because you believed in that reaction so much that it became almost a second nature to you. It changed you for the worse. The only way to live and not hurt your soul is to forgive people. Even the evil ones. Because if they don’t do evil, you wouldn’t know there was good inside you.


Be that odd one out. Defeat them real hard by forgiving them and building yourself on. Build your body, your heart, your head and your soul. Build it with patience. Life turns bitter when you carry hurt in your heart. Your heart, comprised of soft tissue, has a job of keeping you alive.

Don’t burden it. Learn to forgive. Learn to let go.


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